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Personal Documents and Forms - Child Medical Consent
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  1. I, ____________________ of ____________________, ____________________, $state, __________, ____________________ make oath and say that I am the lawful guardian of the child listed below and there are no court orders now in effect that would prohibit me from conferring the power to consent upon another person.

    Information of Child

    ____________________, male, born $month $day, $year at ____________________ and residing at ____________________, ____________________, $state, __________, ____________________.

  2. I hereby authorize and appoint ____________________ of ____________________, ____________________, $state __________ as my agent. My agent may consent to my child's  medical examination or treatment. Such treatment may include but is not limited to the following:
    1. transportation by ambulance
    2. examination
    3. x-rays
    4. diagnoses
    5. hospitalization
    6. anesthesia
    7. medication

    I do not authorize ____________________ to consent to the transfusion of blood.

  3. The purpose of this instrument is to give ____________________ the power and authority to consent to medical treatment for my child and this power and authority will be effective as of the $day day of $month, $year.
  4. I give this consent freely and knowingly in order to provide for the child and not as a result of pressure, threats or payments by any person or agency.
  5. This consent will remain in effect until it is revoked by notifying my child's medical, mental health care and insurance providers, in writing, and the agent named above that I wish to revoke it.
  6. Any questions or concerns regarding this authorization may be directed to me at:

    Name: ____________________
    Street Address: ____________________
    City, State: ____________________, $state
    Zipcode: __________
    Country: ____________________

    Home Phone: __________
    Work Phone: __________
    Cell Phone: __________
    Email: ____________________

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto sign my name at ____________________, $state this $day day of $month, $year.







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